Unscented Organic Beard Oil

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Beard Oil

2 oz of our beard oil and within a week or two your facial hair will be at a level you could only dream. Each organic beard care product is created with all natural oils. You can even use it as an mustache oil! It's a beard growth oil and beard moisturizing oil.

This is the first product in our organic beard care line but don't worry, there will be more to follow.

Our unscented beard oil gives the natural aromas of the carrier oils. You will be surprised by the subtle scents of jojoba, avocado and sunflower oils.

Use one or two drops depending on the size and density of your facial hair. Always do a skin test prior to using any skin product to make sure you do not have a negative reaction.

Our organic beard oil is created from only the best sourced ingredients. All the ingredients that go into the 2 oz amber bottle are USDA and EU certified organic.

Beard Oil Ingredients

Our recipe consists of the following: Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil.