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Mason Jar Soy Candles


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The fresh bouquet mason jar candle contains all of the scents related to a beautiful bouquet or fresh flower garden. Our parents enjoy gardening every year and it is never without an assortment of flowers. The smells walking up our front steps linger in your nose as you walk into their home. 

This candle will help replicate that smell any time during the year, whether it is the long winter months or sunny summer ones. Our fresh bouquet mason jar candles brings back memories from our child hood but even of the past few years. We hope it will bring new and old memories to you and your loves ones as well. 

4 oz candle burn time is approximately ~20 hours

8 oz  candle burn time is approximately ~40 hours

16 oz candle burn time is approximately ~80 hours.

Mason Jar Candles and Co. candles are hand poured from 100% soy wax. Our soy wax candles have no additional additives. As the customer, you are getting exactly what you bought.The wax in our mason jar candles are exactly what we say, 100% soy wax. Sometimes advertisements only tell half the truth but at Mason Jar Candles & Co. you get the product you thought you bought. Our mom was straight up, you got what you saw and we are no different.

Each of our mason jar candles are homemade in small batches so that they are given the proper care they deserve. Each fragrance oil comes from one of the best companies in the business because we care about our customers and the products they receive.

Our candles are built with the same ideals that our parents instilled in us from a young age. If you want people to think of you as the best, then you must be the best and at Mason Jar Candles & Co. we know this to be true.

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