Soy Candle Fundraisers

Interested in selling our candles for a fundraiser? We can guarantee that your customers will love our mason jar candles and other products.

Mason Jar Candles & Co. will give back a portion of the proceeds for your fundraiser and we guarantee it will be more than other candle companies. 

The process is very simple.

  • Contact us at to set up the fundraiser.
  • We will send you a flyer about your fundraiser with your very own coupon code.
  • Anyone who orders using your specific coupon code will have their order matched to your fundraiser.
  • After the end date of the fundraiser, you will receive a check with the profits from your fundraiser sales.

No need for sending in paper order sheets and checks through the mail. If that method is preferred we can work something out!

Please send an email to with any questions!